Aconex365 can be installed into versions of Outlook which are connected to Office365. If your Outlook uses an inhouse Exchange system, or some other way of routing your emails, you will not be able to install Aconex 365.

One thing to note is that when you install an Office 365 Add-in – you are installing it into your mailbox – not into Outlook. That means if you install it from one Outlook, it will show up in all your others – as long as they are capable of using Add-ins. So if you install Aconex365 in your desktop Outlook, it will also show up in your windows browser version, and in your Mobile phone version.

Aconex365 requires a minimum version of Outlook to run. If you have Office 365 – you will probably have the latest version of Outlook – which is fine.

To install Aconex365, look in your ribbon button for the ‘Add-ins’ or ‘Store’ button. (Microsoft change the name / format from time to time)

  • Find and click the ‘Add-ins’ or ‘Store’ button.
  • In the window which pops up select ‘My add-ins’.
  • Now scroll down to find the section ‘Custom add-ins’
  • Select ‘Add a custom add-in’   >>   ‘Add from URL’
  • Paste in the following URL:

Accept the warning ‘This custom add-in may access your personal data…’ … and our add-in is installed.

If you would like to see the installation being demonstrated – take a look at the video below.

** Aconex365 has been created by Corporate Contacts Ltd. Corporate Contacts are a separate company from Oracle / Aconex, and while we work closely with the Aconex team at Oracle, we are an ecosystem partner and not a part of Oracle or Aconex. **