There are many reasons why MailChimp may not allow a contact to be subscribed.

One issue we have recently discovered is for lists which use fields of type 'Address'.

These are specific types - as opposed to just adding a text field called 'street' or 'city' to your list.

Address Fields come with subfields of:

  • Street1
  • Street2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country

If you want to subscribe a contact to a list with the Address type field, you must have a value for all fields - or no fields.

MailChimp say:

Our address field is pretty much an all-or-nothing merge field in which all fields (except the 2nd line of street address) being required. Due to how the address field is used for segments, all data must be populated so we can generate a true address off it. Therefore you have the following :

"addr1": "123 Main St",  //required
"addr2": "",
"city": "Atlanta",  //required
"state": "GA",  //required
"zip": "30312",  //required
"country": "US"  //required

 If you wanted to allow partial addresses, you would be best off handling them as separate fields. This means you could have a separate text field for address, city, state, country and use a ZIP code field. However the downside is that only address and ZIP merge fields will get the location segmenting options.

If you want to use addresses and fill in 'dummy data', you would actually need to submit something. The value would not need to be accurate, but you can not pass null or blank data. Some other options would be passing 'N/A' or an alt-coded space (as opposed to just pressing space).

So if you have an address field, make sure that data in Outlook is either fully populated, or empty, or the contact will not be subscribed.