To make a payment to Corporate Contacts you need to add your credit/ debit card details. The instructions are below.

Go to Account / Billiing Options and then select the 'Payment Methods' tab.

Then click on the  'Add New Card' button.

A pop-up box message will appear, asking you to enter your email address and credit / debit card details. Complete this and press the 'Add Card' button.

Once the details are saved you will return to the Billings Options page where you can see the details of your added card.  You can add additional cards to the system by repeating the same process.

We use Stripe to securely store your details. If you select the remember me option, you must add your mobile number, Stripe will remember your details and when you use Stripe to make a payment on-line, either with Corporate Contacts or on another site, enter your email address and you will be sent an SMS message by Stripe with a code to enter into the pop-up message box. Once this is done your payment details will automatically be retrieved.