Below is a list of terms used in the Corporate Contacts website.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Account Your Corporate Contacts account is the combination of an email address and a password that you use to sign in to services provided.
Admin dashboard An overview of your Corporate Contacts account, showing how many Folders, Connections, Users, Subscriptions and Items you have in your account and how many are being used.  It also shows which syncs are running and which are paused.
Appointment An arrangement to meet with someone at a particular time that is noted in your Outlook and Corporate Contacts calendar. This could be in person, telephone or a conference call.
Auto discover A process where Corporate Contacts automatically locates your Outlook account from your emails address and password, and adds it to establish a Credential.
B, C
calendar A calendar you can access via Outlook or Corporate Contacts. These are synchronized to store the same appointment information.
Connection A Connection is a link between Outlook and Corporate Contacts that enables them to synchronize Contact and Appointment information. It uses a set of the Outlook Credentials you have added to establish the connection.
Contact A person whose contact details you have in your Outlook Contact Folder. This could be a professional or personal contact.
Delegation Where another user can send email from your Outlook account on your behalf.
EWS Exchange Web Services
Exchange server Exchange Server is a calendaring and mail server developed by Microsoft that runs exclusively on the Microsoft Windows Server product line.
Fields These are the boxes where information such as name, address, mobile number, etc. are stored. The number of fields available to you will depend on the package purchased.  A full list of available fields and packages can be found in the Account section.
Folder A named collection of related files. In Corporate Contacts this may be a folder to store contacts or a folder to store appointments.
G, H
Hosted Exchange Hosted Exchange is a service in the telecommunications industry whereby a provider makes a Microsoft mailbox and space available on a server so its clients can host their data on the server. The provider manages the hosted date of its client on the server. Clients can access their emails, address book, task management and documents from different places and various media.
Imperesonation Where another user can send emails using your credentials and appearing to be you.
In-house Exchange System Where the email system is stored and maintained by your company on the premises.
Items The Contacts and Appointments you have synced with Corporate Contacts.
J, K, L, M
Mailbox The destination to which your emails are delivered.
N, O
Office 365 A range of subscriptions that offer access to a range of Microsoft applications that are enabled over the Internet (or cloud services).
Outlook Email software used for sending and receiving emails, storing appointments in the calendar and keeping contact information.
OWS Outlook Web Access - use your browser to access your Outlook account
Packages The different types of accounts that are available on Corporate Contacts: Starter, Basic, Standard and Enterprise.
Password A secret word used to access your account. This could be your Corporate Contacts account or your Outlook account.
Pause To temporarily halt the synchronization of you contacts and appointments.
Payment methods The options you have to make a payment for your subscriptions.
Pricing The payment structure for the different Corporate Contacts packages.
Subscriptions An arrangement to receive your Corporate Contacts package. This can be paid monthly.
Synchronization To make your Outlook email and Corporate Contacts contain the same information at the same time.
Sync direction There are three sync directions available on Corporate Contacts: Copy TO Corporate Contacts (from your contact or calendar) Copy FROM Corporate Contacts (to your contacts or calendar) Two Way (copy your contacts and appointments TO and FROM Corporate Contacts
Sync period How often the sync is run on your selected package.
Sync status This can be seen on the Admin Dashboard. It can be 'running' which means the sync will run in accordance with your selected package or 'paused' which means it will not run until set to running again. Green is running / red is paused.
Time zone This is the time zone for your part of the world, for example, UCT London / UCT -6 Central America / UCT +10 Sydney.  Select your time zone to ensure that your appointments are synced to the correct time.
Users People who are able to access one Account. There is a main owner who can add general users or another Administrator. Each user selects their own password for security.
URL Uniform Resource Locator - a reference or address used to access an area of the Internet.
V,W, X, Y, Z